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Rental Policies


A valid driver’s license and phone number are required. An out of state license requires a second photo ID and/or major credit card.


You are completely responsible for rental items until they are returned and checked in. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in your possession. We suggest you contact your agent to verify coverage.


Payment and deposit are required when the equipment is picked up unless customer has established an open account. We accept cash, local checks, debit card, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.


Open accounts are available. Please click here to download an application.


  • Minimum - 4 hours or 1 day, depending on equipment
  • Day Rate - 24 hours
  • Week Rate - 7 consecutive days to the same time
  • 4 Week Rate - 4 consecutive weeks to the same time
  • Special weekend rates are available on some items. These rates are in effect from:
  •   Friday PM until Monday AM
  •   Saturday anytime until Monday AM

Please check for rate details on the equipment you are interested in renting. RENT IS CHARGED FOR ALL TIME OUT. For you to get the best value for your money, return all items on or before the date and time DUE IN on your rental contract.

Metered Equipment:

  • 8 hours - full-day rentals
  • 40 hours - weekly rental
  • 160 hours - monthly rental

Rental charges are based on 8 hours of use during a 24-hour period. Extra charges will be assessed on hours over 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week or 160 hours per 4 weeks.


Delivery and pick-up are available at reasonable rates. Please call for the charge to your specific location..


All equipment leaves our facilities full of fuel and needs to be returned full or your contract will be assessed a fuel charge.

Damage/Damage Waiver:

You are responsible for any damage caused from misuse, abuse, negligence, theft, vandalism or loss of equipment.

We automatically apply a Damage Waiver Fee to all rental contracts at time of contract opening which covers repair costs (limitations noted on contract). You can decline the coverage at the time of opening the rental; you will then be responsible for any repairs or replacement if there is any damage to the rented equipment.


The customer is responsible for all tire damage or flats.


If at any time before or during your rental, you are unsure about the operating or safety procedures for the equipment you are renting, it is the customers responsibly to ask or call the store. Again, if you are in doubt, please ask.